Mw. Dr. Marieke Liem

  • Researcher
  • Criminology
  • Homicide
  • Violence, Agression
  • Forensic Psychology

Telefoon: +31 (0)70 800 9506
Faculteit / Onderdeel: Faculteit Governance and Global Affairs, Instituut Security and Global Affairs, Terrorism and political violence
Werkadres: Wijnhaven
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP Den Haag
Kamernummer 4.15

Marieke Liem runs the Violence Research Initiative , which combines expertise in violence research to help inform public policy and pave the way for violence prevention.

A graduate of University of Cambridge in the U.K., Marieke Liem completed her PhD in Forensic Psychology from Utrecht University  , the Netherlands. She has conducted research on homicide in various countries, and is currently chairing the European Homicide Research Group. Her research interests involve interpersonal violence, with specific research projects on domestic homicide, homicide by the mentally ill, homicide followed by suicide, the effects confinement on violent offenders, and international comparative research in lethal violence.

Together with William Pridemore  , Liem has brought together scholars working in the field of homicide research. This collaboration has resulted in the Handbook of European Homicide Research, and a recent Special Issue of the European Journal of Crimonology devoted to homicide in Europe. 

Her recent research focuses on the effects of long-term imprisonment of homicide offenders. Recent publications on this topic include Post-Release Success Among Paroled Lifers  in LawsThe Role of Transformation Narratives in Desistance Among Released Lifers in Criminal Justice and Behavior and Criminal Recidivism Among Homicide Offenders in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Her article on Recidivism of Homicide Offenders  was featured in Aggression and Violent Behavior; and she was quoted in  feature on the Prison Problem.  

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